Saturday, 20 June 2020

Purple Corn Strawberry Yogurt Bread

Most of us know that foods that carry purple colour are rich in antioxidant known as anthocyanins. I was glad that Purple Superfoods provide a 50g packet of Peruvian Purple Corn powder for me to try on my baked foods.

Together with strawberry yogurt, I baked the Peruvian Purple Corn powder into a sweet and aromatic soft milk bread 😋

Yield: one loaf of bread
Pan size: 21.5x11.5x5.5 cm
Raw dough weight: 468g
Baking temperature: At lower rack, preheat oven to 190℃, reduce to 180℃ and bake for 10 minutes, 170℃ for 13 to 15 minutes.


2g Peruvian purple corn powder
5g lemon juice
20g strawberry yogurt (I prefer Yoplait brand for its milder taste)

180g bread flour, unbleached
20g plain flour plus/plain flour
35g raw sugar
2g instant dry yeast

20g beaten egg
90g cold milk
20g condensed milk
2g evaporated milk/milk
20~30g water, added depending on dough moisture

2g fine salt

30g unsalted butter, softened

Some milk for brushing before baking
Some butter for brushing after baking


1. Mix Peruvian purple corn powder, lemon juice and strawberry yogurt into a paste. Set aside.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients, excluding the salt, in a in big mixing bowl before adding the wet ingredients, excluding the butter. Cover with a lid and let the dough undergo autolysis for about 20 minutes.
Knead using a hand mixer fitted with dough hooks until the dough become smoother. Gradually add in the salt while kneading.

Knead in the softened butter, until the butters are well incorporated into the dough. And the dough has become less sticky.

2. Do about 400 sets of "slap and fold" until reaching window pane.
Click the video to see the "slap and fold" process.

Shape the dough into a ball, spray some water over, cover with a lid, and let it proof for about 75 minutes, or till double in size.

End of first proofing
 3. Turn the dough onto a floured work top, deflate the dough, and divide it into 3 portions.

Shape into 3 balls, cover and let them rest for about 15 minutes.

Roll out the dough,

flip over, and fold in the two wings towards the middle.

Roll up the dough and seal the edge by pinching.

Place the shaped dough into a loaf pan lightly coated with butter.
Spray some water, cover with a tea cloth, and let it undergo second proofing for about 40 minutes, or till the dough rises above the rim.

End of second proofing
 4. Preheat the oven to 190℃ for about 10 minutes. While waiting, brush a coat of milk over the top of the dough.

Bake at lower rack of the preheated oven at 180℃ for 10 minutes. Lower to 170℃ for about 13 to 15 minutes.

5. Remove from oven and and loaf pan, and transfer to a wire rack.

Brush a thin coat of butter over the hot crust.

6. Slice the bread after it has completely cooled down. Enjoy the yummy bread 😋

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