Friday 18 November 2022

Coffee Milk Custard

Coffee milk custard prepared for my bread baking. The custard texture was smooth and have an aromatic coffee-milk fragrance 😋 I purposedly cooked the custard to a drier state, so the custard would not ooze out from the buns during baking.


10g unsalted butter

4g instant coffee powder, 2 tsp
25g raw sugar
20g hot water

27g top flour
13g potato starch
50g low fat milk

60g whipping cream
20g condensed milk
1 egg, 57g 

1. Mix instant coffee powder with raw sugar in a small glass. Dissolve coffee powder and raw sugar mixture in hot water from B. Set it aside.

2. Mix C into a smooth paste.

3. Gradually add whipping cream, condensed milk and egg from D to C, one by one.

4. Mix coffee-sugar mixture from Step 1 to the mixture in Step 3.

5. Heat unsalted butter from A in a pot till bubbles. Pour mixture from Step 4 to the hot butter. Stir regularly till thickened.

6. Transfer the coffee milk custard to a clean container, and line a cling wrap sheet over the custard surface. Refrigerate after cooling down.

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