Saturday 7 January 2023

Mandarin Orange Soft Jelly

An easy to prepare mandarin orange soft jellies using less fibrous and juicy Hong Mei Ren mandarin orange. All natural and delicious 😋🍊


A - for boiling

200g water

8g orange rind

B - agar agar paste

3g agar-agar powder, about 1 tsp

70g raw sugar

30g water

C - cooling the jelly water

250g drinking water, room temperature


140 ~ 150g orange pulps


1. Mix ingredient B into a paste. Let it stand for about 10 minutes. While waiting, start to bring 200g of water under ingredient A to a boil.

2. As we will be using the orange peel for flavour, so it is advisable to clean it thoroughly using Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

Separate the orange peel from the orange pulp.

Remove the white orange pith under the orange peel.

Collect about 8 to 10g of the orange peel and cook in the 200g of hot water under ingredient A.

3. Separate the orange pulp into segments.

You may cut part of the orange segments into smaller pieces.

Add the orange pulps to 4 clean 200ml pudding cups, and refrigerate till needed.

4. When A starts to boil, pour B from Step 1 into the boiling mixture. Stir till all the agar-agar granules have dissolved.

5. Pour C into A and B mixture to becomes the jelly water. Turn off the heat.

6. Pour about 40g of jelly water into each 4 x 200ml pudding cups. Refrigerate for 5 minutes or till semi solidify.

Add the remaining orange segments to the pudding cups, and pour the remaining jelly water into the cups.

7. Let them cool to room temperature before seal with cling wrap and refrigerate for an hour or longer.

Enjoy them cool 

I have discovered the Hσɳɠ Mҽι Rҽɳ çº¢ç¾Žäºº mandarin oranges ðŸŠ in Fairprice supermarket. They have easy-to-peel thin skin, sweet and juicy pulps, less fibrous, and seedless. Besides consuming them as fruits, they’re suitable for making into jellies and sorbets ðŸ§

I took one çº¢ç¾Žäºº mandarin orange, and made into 4 cups of vitamin A & C-rich, low-calorie, and refreshing jellies using all natural ingredients. 

The mandarin oranges can be found in fresh fruit
section of Fairprice supermarket

Super thin orange membrane & and plump juicy pulps

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