Saturday 9 August 2014

Tomato in Omelette

A beautiful omelette which is moist in the centre.

Yield: 4 persons

2 eggs
1 tomato
2 twigs  Chinese coriander leaf
1/2 tsp all purpose flour
2 tsp whole milk
Dash of salt
Dash of seasoning powder

1. Remove skin and seeds from tomato. Julienne and set aside.

2. Blend all purpose flour with whole milk into a light paste.

3. Add eggs, salt and seasoning powder onto the flour paste. Beat with a fork to mix and incorporate as much as air as possible into the batter.

4. Add in the julienned tomato and Chinese coriander leaf. Blend well.

5. Heat up a teaspoon of olive oil in a non-stick pot till hot. Set the temperature at medium high.

6. Pour in the batter, lower the heat to medium low, and partially cover with a lid.

7. When the edge of the omelette starts to brown and shrink, flip the omelette over to slightly brown the other face.

8. Serve with warm rice :)

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