Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sweet Yam Paste 香甜芋泥

A sweet and smooth yam paste with coconut milk flavour suitable to be used as a bread filling. In fact, it is easier to prepare than red bean paste or gula melaka grated coconut. Just steam the yam chunks, and mix it with butter, sugar and coconut cream powder.  Most importantly, it is well accepted by my family 😀 

Yield: 240g


170-200g peeled yam
1 pandan leaf (optional)
45g raw sugar
10g unsalted butter
10g coconut cream powder


1. Steam yam chunks with pandan leaf (optional) in high heat for about 20 minutes, or till softened.

2. While the yam chunks are still hot, mash them using a fork.

3. While the mashed yam is still warm, mix with butter, sugar and coconut cream powder, into a smooth paste.

4. Transfer the yam paste into a clean and dry bowl.
Refrigerate it if not use immediately.

Sharing with you how I prepare and keep my raw yam to make them handy for use.

1. Cut away the skin of the yam. Avoid washing the yam.  Keep the yam as dry as possible.
I cut with the plastic wrapper still on, so my hands will not be in contact with the soiled yam skin.

2. Wrap the yam with cling wrap.

3. Weigh and label each piece of yam with date and weight.

4. Pack in a plastic bag or container.  Refrigerate them.
From my experience, the cut yam can be kept for 2 weeks in the fridge.

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