Monday, 6 January 2020

Pandan Coconut Butter Cake

I called this my ultimate pandan butter cake which have the great flavour combination coming from fresh pandan juice, butter, coconut, palm sugar and cocoa powder. The caramelized desiccated coconut topping and all the edges bring out the nice aroma of the cake in every bite.

Looking at the velvety texture of the pandan flavour butter cake, aren't you want to have a slice? 😍😋

Yield: one 20 cm loaf cake
Pan size: 21.5x11.5x5.5 cm


All ingredients in room temperature
Using 57~59g Omega 3&6 eggs

110g unsalted butter, softened
110g fine sugar
1/8 tsp fine salt

3 eggs, beaten

110g top/cake flour
10g coconut cream powder
5g desiccated coconut
3g baking powder

20g pandan paste*
10g milk
15g condensed milk

10g palm sugar
1/4 tsp cocoa powder
a little water to make a paste

5g desiccated coconut

* Collect 20g pandan paste from blending 20g of pandan leaves with 50g of water without filtering.


1. Grease the cake pan with butter and set aside.

2. Cream softened butter, fine sugar and salt till pale and fluffy. About 4 minutes using medium speed of an hand mixer.

3. Add in eggs, one at a time to the butter cream. Mix till the egg is well incorporated with the butter cream before adding the next portion of beaten egg.

4. Mix top flour, coconut cream powder, desiccated coconut and baking powder in a small bowl.

Sieve in the flour mixture to mix with the batter.

5. Combine pandan paste, milk and condensed milk in a small glass. Add to the batter and mix well.

6. Mix palm sugar, cocoa powder and a little water in a small bowl. Add about 1/5 of the pandan batter from Step 5 to the palm sugar paste. Mix well and pour to the pan to form a thin layer.

7. Add the remaining pandan batter onto the palm sugar batter using a big spoon. Bang the pan to get rid of trapped air bubbles and to level the batter.

8. Sprinkle desiccated coconut over the top.

9. Bake at the second top rack of a pre-heated oven at 160℃ for 30 minutes.

Shift down to middle rack, and increase the temperature to 170℃ and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes, or till the cake is done.

10. Allow the cake to cool in the loaf pan on a wire rack for about 10 minutes before remove it from the loaf pan.

Loosely cover the cake with cling wrap to retain the moisture in the cake.

11.  Cut and enjoy 😋

<Preparing the fresh pandan leaf paste>

1. Cut 20g of pandan leaves into thin strips before blending with 50g of water into a smooth paste.

2. For the remaining pandan paste, cover with the lid provided, and keep in the fridge. If kept at chilled or Prime Fresh compartment of 0~3℃, it can be kept up to 2 weeks.

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