Saturday, 7 March 2020

Gudetama Glutinous Rice Ball 蛋黄哥汤圆

I picked the cartoon character Gudetama as my first glutinous rice ball figure as I thought it was simple to shape. To be honest, the shaping was not simple because of it small size. The 4 little limbs of Gudetama posed a challenge to my big fat fingers when shaping them. The tiny limbs would just being crushed or broke off if my fingers exerted a little too much strength ,or an unintentional jerk 😏
The cocoa paste which I used to draw the expression of the Gudetama also didn't stay well after cooking. I should have used the bamboo charcoal powder mixed with the glutinous rice dough to do the eyes and mouth 😓 Maybe next round 😃

Pumpkin Dough
40g glutinous rice flour
2g caster sugar
18g steamed Japanese pumpkin paste
18g warm water

Plain Glutinous Rice Dough
40g glutinous rice flour
2g caster sugar
5g hot water
25g warm water

1. Steam kabocha or Japanese pumpkin with skin for about 15 to 20 minutes, or till softened.
Remove the skin and mash the pumpkin into paste.

2. Mix the hot pumpkin paste to the glutinous rice flour and caster sugar.

Followed by the warm water.

Stop adding water when there is no dry glutinous rice flour around, and the mixture becomes lumpy.

Knead the crumbs into one smooth dough, adding water as needed. Set aside.

3. Add hot water to the glutinous rice flour and caster sugar. Without mixing, let the contents stand for about 3~5 minutes. Add the warm water, and knead the mixture into a smooth dough.

4. Divide the pumpkin and plain dough into 13 portions each.

Cut 13 small sheets of parchment paper to hold the shaped dough later.

5. Shape the plain glutinous dough into a flat oval dough to resemble the egg white base. Place the plain dough over a piece of parchment paper.

Shape a pumpkin dough into an oval. Pinch out four corners.

Shape into 4 tiny limbs.
View from the top

View from the base

Use a bamboo skewer to impress a groove between two limbs to resemble the cleft of a buttock.

Push the sides toward the center to close up the cleft.

Place the shape pumpkin dough on top of the plain glutinous rice dough,

6. I use cocoa paste to draw the eyes and mouths. The result was undesirable after cooking. It would be better if I had use dough mixed with bamboo charcoal powder. I'll try that next round 😉


7. Cook the dough in low boiling water till cooked through.

Drop the cooked dough in a bowl of ice water.

8. I serve the Gudetama Glutinous Rice Ball in dark brown sugar dried longan syrup/tea  黑糖桂圆茶.
The dark brown sugar dried longan syrup/tea is prepared by boiling water, dark brown sugar, dried red dates, dried longan, Chinese barley, candied winter melon strips, pandan leaves, honey rock sugar, and wolf berries together.

Reference: Q弹蛋黄哥团子自己动手做

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