Thursday 18 November 2021

Panda The Rabbit

Our second rabbit, Panda or 小黑 which we used to call her, sadly left us to join her only rabbit friend 
Furby, on 19 November 2021 afternoon. It was only 4 days to Furby the Rabbit first anniversary 🐰

Panda was a smart and observant rabbit. She spent about 8 years in a cage due to her bad relationship with her rabbit "friend" Furby. Usually we would let her out to play in a bigger enclosed area during the evenings. She escaped a few times from the enclosure either by finding a way to lift up the fence, or found an escape route behind the back of the cage. And we had to think of ways to block her escape routes by clipping the fence joining points with pegs, or blocking her potential escape route with open plastic box or wood plank. It was really like playing a strategic game with this little bunny. Our battle of wits between animal and human. She would sat at one corner quietly thinking and planning, so did I 😠🐰

She was finally able to run freely in the house after Furby left for the rainbow bridge in November 2020. As she was kept in the cage for majority of her life, she was not used to coming close to us during her early cage-free days. She only got used to come to my kitchen to ask for food about 2 months ago. She would stay in front of the fridge to ask for fresh green vegetables, or stood beside the kitchen cabinet where her titbit was kept.
It was a fast relief for Panda during her final days - just 3 days. She became weaker and with poor appetite on 17 November 2021 - a drastic different from the day before when she was actively moving and eating. It was a miracle - when she was up running and roaming the house, but eating less on the next day. We thought she was recovering. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated in the same day evening.  Panda passed on peacefully in her sleep on 19 November 2021 afternoon 😔
Panda was sleepy on 18 November 2021

About Panda

Name: Panda
Alias: 小黑,兔子
Birth Date: 06.06.2012  in Year of Dragon, we truly did not know her exact birth date. In order to celebrate her yearly birthday, we just fixed it on 06.06 for easy remembrance. 
Last Date: 19.11.2021 afternoon between 2:30 to 3:30 pm
Breed: LionHead rabbit
Color: black and white
Hygiene level: excellent self hygiene. She would always go back to the same spot to poo and pee. No stinky odour till her very last day 👍👍 She groomed regularly of her face, ears and limbs 🐰
FaceBook account: shared account with Furby TheRabbit

Furby celebrating her 9th Birthday on 06.06.2021

Panda was bought from a pet shop in Yishun on 14 July 2012 for S$70 🐰

Arrived in a carton box.

She was only about a palm-size.

After spending about 8 years in the cage, Panda was finally free to roam around the house 🏠

Continuing the havoc in every corners of the house left by Furby
Torn piano corner...

Bite off wood skirting ..

Panda's birthdays 🎂
3rd birthday

4th birthday

6th birthday

7th birthday

8th birthday

9th birthday and the last one 🎂

Some of the beautiful moments ...

To be continued ...🐰

Panda's final resting place 🏠
Back to our home,

together with Furby,

standing in the cabinet joining us 😇😇

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