Saturday 3 December 2022

Rice Cooker Cranberry Chinese Sausage Rice

Trust me, the rice cooker prepared cranberry Chinese sausage rice was surprisingly delicious and pretty πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ Replacing part of the Chinese sausage by the healthier dried cranberries not only gave the same appealing ruby-red gems to the rice, but also gave the rice some sweet and tangy bites.

Rice Cooker: IH Rice Cooker with soup function

Servings: about 3 to 4 persons

2 cups Thai long grain rice

75g Chinese pork/chicken sausage
10g garlic, sliced, to be added before serving

50g onion, cut coarsely
3g garlic, crushed and chopped coarsely
30g carrot, diced
45g long bean, cut to 5mm length

10g raw sugar
15g light soy sauce
5g rice wine, θŠ±ι›•ι…’

Water to be added to 2-cup marking on the rice cooker pot
A little dark soya sauce to add colour
4g mushroom/chicken seasoning granules

2 eggs
10 ~ 15g low fat milk
1/2 tsp low-salt fish sauce/light soya sauce
a little pepper powder
2 drops of Maggi seasoning sauce, optional

30g dried cranberries
40g steamed corn kernels
a few shakes of pepper powder

2 tbsp of chopped spring onion and coriander leaves

1. Rice - rinse and soak rice for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Cranberry - Soak dried cranberries in hot water for about 1 minute. Drain away the hot water, cut the cranberries into smaller chunks, and let them stand for about 1 hour before adding to cooked rice.

Chinese chicken sausage - remove the skin, and cut into 3~5mm cubes.

Garlic - sliced and crushed accordingly
Onion - cut coarsely
Carrot - diced
Long beans - cut into 5mm length

2. Turn on the "Soup Function" of the rice cooker.

3. Add about 2g of grapeseed /vegetable oil to the pot, and stir-fry the cut Chinese sausage till fragrant. Transfer to a bowl and set them aside.

4. Add another 2g of grapeseed oil to the pot before adding the 10g sliced garlic. Stir fry till golden and fragrant. Scoop out the garlic crisps and set aside.

5. Add about 1g grapeseed oil, and stir fry the onion, 3g of crushed garlic, carrot, and long beans till fragrant. 

Add the raw sugar, rice wine and light soya sauce to the pot, and wait for the sauce to bubble.

6. When the content starts to bubble, add in the soaked rice with the water. Turn off the "Soup" function of the rice cooker.

Top up more water to the 2-cup water mark indicated on the rice cooker inner pot.

Stir in a little dark soya sauce and 4g mushroom seasoning granules.

7.  Turn on the "Jasmine Rice" or "Rice" cooking function. Wait for the rice cooker to beep at the final 6th minutes.

8. While the rice is cooking, beat the eggs with the omelette condiments, and pan-fry the omellete. Set it aside.

9. When the rice cooker beeps at the final 6th minute, 

add steamed corn kernels and cranberry chunks to the top of the hot rice. Close the lid and let the cooking continue.

When the rice cooker beep again, turn off the rice cooker, and let the rice simmer for about 30 minutes to let the rice grains absorb the moisture.

10. After 30 minutes of simmering, open the rice cooker lid,

and add the Chinese sausage chunks and golden garlic slices from Step 4 to the cooked rice. Loosen the rice and mix well.

Give a few shakes of pepper powder and a tablespoon of cut green scallion and green coriander to the mixed rice. Mix well.

Break the omellete into smaller pieces and mix into the rice.

The cranberry Chinese sausage rice is done πŸ˜‰

Garnish the warm rice with some green scallions and served with some salad greens and cherry tomatoes πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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