Wednesday 19 November 2014

Ham & Cheese Bun (breadmaker kneaded)

A soft and sweet ham roll topped with Swiss white cheese, black pepper and parsley flakes :)

Yield : 10 buns of 10Lx5Wx2H cm

150g whole milk 
20g condensed milk

25g beaten egg
40g fine sugar 
1/4 tsp salt 
30g unsalted butter

225g bread flour 

25g top/cake flour 

3/4 tsp instant dry yeast 

80g shaved ham

15g shredded white cheese
Some beaten egg for glazing
Black pepper
Dried parsley flakes

1. If you are using cold milk, keep warm the fresh milk, and condensed milk in a rice cooker for 10 minutes.
Or, you can let them stand in room temperature for about 25 minutes.
The temperature should not exceed 38 degree Celsius in order not to affect the yeast.

2. Pour milk mixture into the bread pan.

3. Add in beaten egg (about 1/2 an egg).

4. Add in sugar and salt.

5. Add in unsalted butter.

6. Pour in bread flour and cake flour.

7. Dig a hole and pour in the instant dry yeast.

8. Place the bread pan into the bread machine.

9. Select "8" Dough function to do the mixing, kneading and first proofing. Press "start".

10. The dough will be ready at the end of 1 hour 30 minutes.

11. Invert the dough out to a floured work top.

12. Flatten the dough with your hand to remove the trapped air.

13. Divide the dough into 10 equal portions each weighs about 51g. 

14. Roll up the individual portion into a ball. Coat with flour and keep in a covered mixing bowl. Let the dough rest for about 15 minutes.

15. Roll the dough ball into a round flat dough slightly bigger than the ham.

Roll up the dough and ham, and pinch to seal at the end.

Fold up and let the two ends meet and seal.

Turn over so the joining ends will be facing down.

Slice open the middle to a about 3/4 deep. Open out the cut.

16. Place the shaped dough over a lightly floured baking tray. Spray some water and transfer to a closed oven to do the second proofing for about 40 minutes.

17. Remove the tray from the oven, and start to preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

18. Apply a thin coat of egg wash over the dough surface.

Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the middle.

Shake some coarse black pepper over.

Sprinkle some dried parsley flakes on the dough.

19. Bake the bread dough in the oven at lower rack, at 180 degree Celsius for about 20 to 25 minutes, or till golden.

20. Let the bread cool down on the cooling rack before serving :)


  1. Hi, can i ask how come my dough is v soft? I am using BM.

  2. Sorry i mean v sticky? What went wrong?

    1. Hi Eileen, it may due to inaccuracy in measurement. The dough is sticky if you knead by hand. But after first proofing in BM, the dough should be manageable :)

  3. Hi , can I line d baking tray with parchment paper n how many days can I keep d buns at room temperature ?

    1. Hi Sing Yee Fong, it's not advisable to keep bun with meat and cheese in room temperature overnight in our tropical climate. It's best to keep it in fridge :)

  4. Hi, any specific reason to add top/cake flour in the recipe?

  5. Hi can you verify if 225 fm bread flour is correct coz mine turn out like a quicksand. I taught maybe I measured wrongly and after I add 100 gm more , (325gm bread flour total) in turns out well. Thanks

    1. Hi, the amount of flour indicated is alright to me. Sometime due to difference in origin of the bread flour, the liquid absorbancy maybe different. I once used a Turkish origin organic bread flour, the bread dough turned out like cake batter or milkshake. I usually use Prima or Bake King bread flour, and they can be kneaded out into a good dough :)

  6. Hi can I change the bread flour to wholemeal flour?

    1. Hi, yes you can if the flour is superfine wholegrain flour :)

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  8. Hi i am trying to do this ham bread. Aft proofing at mixing bowl, my dough feel like vy soft n light n not solid like yours..its like not rise enough..i had followed all the steps except i do not warm the milk.i just let it be at room temperature.may i know wats the reason? Realy hope can send u the pic then u will know exactly wat i mean..

    1. Hi Weiwei, one possible reason maybe your yeast. If your yeast was inactive, your dough would not be able to raise fast within the usual duration. If you're staying in a hot country like Singapore, it's better to keep your yeast in the fridge. I have encountered newly opened bottle of yeast which was less active. If that happened, I would either have to extend the proofing time 2 or 3 times longer, or just discard the yeast. Hopefully this info helps :)

  9. Thks for ur info. Aft proofing in the oven..the doughs became'bigger'n luckily the 'final products'taste quite nice. Really thks for ur recipes especially the sugar twist..this is my family's favorite bread.

  10. Thank you very much! Your instruction are so clear for me to try my hand making the roll real soon.

    1. Hi Kim, thank you for your good comment. Hope you'll like the recipe 😊💕

  11. Hi,
    Can I use 250g wholemeal bread flour n omit the 25g top/cake flour?
    Also is it bake the bread on the lowest rack?

    1. Hi Lyn, if you’re using the Prima superfine wholegrain flour, maybe be you can use A higher proportion. However, if you’re using the coarse wholemeal flour, usually I would recommend to use less than 20% of the total flour weight. In other words, for 250g flour, use 200g bread flour + 50g wholemeal flour.
      For higher wholemeal flour used, you would have to increase the water or milk amount. And this will cause the bread to become dense and compact. That’s why it’s better to mix wholemeal flour with a greater proportion of bread flour :)

  12. Thank you very much. Will try making the buns soon.
    Also thanks for sharing this recipe.
    God bless :)

  13. Hi. Thanks for recipe and the photos! great for bread noob like me. Could I replace dried parsley flakes with freshly chopped spring onions?

  14. Hi, when u asked for top/cake flour can i substitute with wholemeal or wholegrain flour? And how to get the correct proportion

    Thamk you.


  15. Hello NgaiLeng! I would like to add instant oat into the bread. Do I need to increase the milk? If yes, how much should i increase it by?

  16. Hi NgaiLeng

    I made the ham and cheese bun successfully although the dough was v flat and wet after 1st proof.

    May i ask if one can use the same dough but put different filling. I noted your other post requires a good mixer or water roux for other flavoured buns.

    I hope to stick to a good dough recipe then just change pattern w ingredients : )

    Thanks v much for sharing youelr recipes!



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