Friday 7 November 2014

Rice Cooker Steam-Baked Jacket Potatoes

Potato is a healthy staple food if enjoy baked or steamed. Baked potatoes are usually baked in high temperature above 200 degree Celsius for at least 1 hour to achieve the soft centers. However, the steam-baked potato prepared in a rice cooker just need change about 120ml of water into steam to cook the potato through. And leaving the cooked potatoes in the rice cooker for 10 to 15 minutes will be able to dry up the potato skin. Its an more energy efficient way of preparing this yummy dish :)

Yield: 4 adult servings

4 US Russet potatoes 
120 ml water

1. Scrub and rinse pototoes.

2. Add 120ml water into the rice cooker pot.

3.  Spread out the potatoes in the pot.

4. Close the lid and start the "standard rice cooking" function.

5. After 20 minutes into cooking, turn the bottoms of the potatoes up. This is to ensure even heating. Turn the potatoes after every 10 minutes thereafter.

6. To check whether the potatoes have been thoroughly cooked, insert a thin bamboo stick into it. If it can pass through the centre easily, the potatoes are ready. 
Otherwise, add another 20ml of water and restart the rice cooking process.

7. After the pototoes are cooked, open the lid, and let the remnant heat dry up the skin of the pototoes for about 10 to 16 minutes.

8. While the potato is hot, slit a cross on top of the potato. Squeeze the base to pop the top.

9. Enjoy the pipping hot potato with curry chicken topping or sour cream & crispy bacon bits :)

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