Friday 10 April 2015

Easy Rice Cooker Yam Rice 简易电饭锅芋头饭

A nice savoury rice with chunks of soft yam cubes. Ususal practice was to have all the ingredients, including the rice, stir-fry till fragrant, then add to a rice cooker to cook.
However, I simplified the method by letting the dried prawn and shiitake mushrooms toasted in an oven toaster. By using fried onion crisp and chinese sausage, I skipped the trouble of cutting and stir-frying the onion and pork in a pot.

Yield: 4 adult portions
Appliances: Philips Avance Rice Cooker, and oven toaster

1.5 cups white rice
1 tbsp dried prawns
3 shiitake mushrooms

125~200g peeled yam
1/2 chinese sausage
1 clove skin-on crushed garlic

2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/4 or 1/2 tsp dark soya sauce
1/8 tsp pepper powder

1 tbsp fried onion crisp

Some spring onions and coriander

1. Soak rice, dried prawns and shiitake mushrooms for about an hour.

2. Transfer the soaked dried prawns to a chopping board. Use a knife to chop the dried prawns into fine bits.
Julienne the soaked shiitake mushrooms.
Keep the water after soaking the dried prawn and shiitake mushrooom for adding to the rice later.

3. Heat the chopped dried prawn and sliced shiitake mushroom in a toaster oven at 100 degree Celsius for about 10 minutes to dry up the water.

Stir the ingredients after about 5 minutes to facilitate the drying up process.

Pour a tablespoon of olive oil onto the chopped dried prawn and sliced shiitake mushroom.
Heat the ingredients in a oven toaster at 175 degree Celsius for 10 minutes, or till frangrance.

4. Crushed one garlic with the skin on, cut the yam into 1 cm cubes, and cut the Chinese sausage into bit size.

5. Pour enough water to submerge the rice to a depth of about 1.5 cm. This is a gauge to estimate the amount of water to be added to the rice cooker later.

6. After pouring the rice with water into the rice cooker pot, pour in the soaked water from (2);

the toasted dried prawns and shiitake mushrooms;

the crushed garlic, yam cubes, and Chinese sausage bits;

the condiments

and finally the fried onion crispy.

7. Cook the ingredients for 30
minutes using the "small portion" programme. 

8. After the cooking process is over, let the ingredients stay in the rice cooker for about 15 minutes.
Loosen the cooked rice and scoop into a bowl topped with spring onions and coriander leaves to savour :)

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