Tuesday 14 April 2015

Sunny Butter Bread 玉米南瓜奶油面包

Gathering all the yellow hue ingredients like, pumpkin, sweet corns, raw sugar, egg and butter, to make this luminously yellow sunny bun. To add zest to this rather plain bun, a salted cube of butter was burried deep in the centre, which would percolate down the bread after melted during baking. For a healthier version, only a small cube of butter was being added to each bun.  The melted butter just enough to be soaked up by the base of the bread. Not the soaking wet type ><

Yield: 12 x 8cm diameter round buns

a powerful blender 强力搅拌器
Whirlpool BM1000 breadmaker 面包机

Raw dough weight: 528g
Bread dough
90g whole milk 全脂牛奶
50g steamed corn kernels 蒸玉米粒
20g steamed pumpkin 熟南瓜
5cm pandan leaf (optional) 香兰叶
20g condensed milk 炼乳
30g unsalted butter 无盐奶油

40g fine sugar 细糖
35g beaten egg 蛋液
1/4 tsp salt 盐

230g bread flour 高筋面粉
15g top flour 低筋面粉
3/4 tsp instant dry yeast 即发酵母粉

Filling 馅
20~40g salted butter, cold 冷奶油
If you prefer a bun with soaking wet butter base, you can use a bigger quantity of butter.

Garnishing 表面装饰
Some flour for dusting the dough 面粉
Some soft butter or oil for doodling the pattern on the bun 软奶油

1. Cut the 20g of butter into 12 portions and keep in the fridge till needed.
If you don't have salted butter, just sprinkle a few grains of fine salt onto the unsalted butter cubes.

2. Steamed corn kernels and pumpkin chunks at high heat for 12 minutes.
You may want to add a pandan leaf to the corn and pumpkin while steaming to give it a sweet scent.

3. Blend 50g of corn kernels, 20g of pumpkin and pandan leaf with 90g of milk in a food processor till creamy.

4. Pour corn milk from (3) into a bowl with condensed milk and butter 

Keep warm the corn milk mixture in the rice cooker for 10 minutes to melt the butter.
This step is optional. I prefer to work with warm ingredients.

5. Pour corn milk mixture from (4) into the bread pan.

6. Add in beaten egg.

7. Add in sugar and salt.

8. Pour in bread flour and cake flour.

9. Dig a hole and pour in the instant dry yeast.

10. Place the bread pan into the bread machine.

11. Select "8" Dough Kneading function; and press "Start".

12. The dough is ready.

13. Turn out the dough onto a floured surface. Flatten it with your palm to release the trapped air.

14. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions, about 44g each.

15. Roll up the small dough, pull down the sides several times to stretch out the dough surface, and seal at the bottom. Lightly coat with some flour and place in a plate, cover with a lid, to rest for 10 minutes.

16. Use your palm to flatten the dough slightly. 

Push a cube of cold butter into the centre, wrap and seal by pinching.

Wrap your palm around the dough and let it roll within your palm, to shape it.

17. Place the dough onto a non-stick baking sheet, spray some water over the surface, and put into a closed oven to proof for about 40 minutes.

18. After the final proofing, remove the dough from the oven. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius for about 10 minutes.
Sprinkle bread flour over the surface of the dough using a sieve.

Coat a metal chopstick with soft butter or oil, and start to outline pattern on the floured surface dough.

19. After transferring into the oven, lower the oven temperature to 160 degree Celsius and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. 

Further lower the oven temperature to 150 degree Celsius for another 10 ~12 minutes, or till the top starts to become light golden.

20. Let the hot buns cool down on a wire rack.

21. Enjoy ^^

One of the ways to deal with leftover excess corns is to blend them into milkshake :P
Just add low-fat milk and condensed milk to the corns. Blend for about 15 seconds - enjoy the healthier shake with lots of dietary fibre :)


  1. I like the idea of corn and pumpkin purée in the buns. Look so good and soft. Thanks for sharing.


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