Wednesday 19 July 2017

My First Bagel - Pandan flavour 香兰贝果

I have came across bagel recipes but I have never thought of making it. Mainly because of the trouble of scalding the dough before baking 🙄
The hurdle was lifted after seeing my FB friend Fc Ng's beautiful and glossy bagels. On 11 July 2017, I finally decided to bake it! 🙂
After studying through the recipe, I realized bagel can be baked healthier without oil and less sugar. I should have put it in my regular baking list long time ago 😯

My first bagel baking was not a smooth one. First, I over-scalded my first bagel. I didn't know 30 seconds passed by so quickly, and I scalded the first dough for more than 1 minute 😌. Secondly,  after scalded all the doughs, I then discovered that my oven was still in the process of heating to the required 210°C. Holding the tray of doughs, I stood anxiously in front of the oven, staring at the thermostat light to go off. Oh gosh, that was when I felt time flew by very very very slowly. Although that over-scalded dough looked like in the brink of collapsing, all of them turned out firm and smooth after baking. Yeah 😁

Love the slightly crispy sugary crust when the bagels were still warm 😋

Baked 4 x 10cm round bagels
Raw dough weight: 244g
Handkneaded dough - no machine needed 😀


150g unbleached bread flour 高筋面粉
1g instant dry yeast 速发干酵母
8g fine sugar 细砂糖
2g fine salt 细盐
90g water 水
5g pandan juice 香兰汁

Syrup for scalding
400g water 水
1 tbsp raw sugar 黄砂糖


1. Mix all the bread ingredients together and knead into a smooth dough.

2. Shape the dough into a ball and keep in a mixing bowl lightly coated with oil.
Spray some water over, cover with a lid and let the dough undergo first proofing for about 1 hour, or till it double in size.

3. Turn out the dough onto a floured work top. Deflate the dough and divide into 4 equal portions, about 61g each

Shape into 4 balls, cover with a lid, and let the doughs rest for 15 minutes.

4. Roll out a dough into a long oval shape of about 5mm thick

Flip over the dough and roll again. Roll up the flat dough starting from the longer edge.

Pinch the edge to seal.

Roll the dough into a longer rope by rolling and stretching in a sideward directions.

5. Use the rolling pin to flatten one of the 2 ends into a 2-cm flat end.

Bring the other end round to rest on the flatten end

Pull up the sides to seal and lock the other end together into a bangle shape.

Rest the dough on a small piece of parchment paper. The parchment paper will facilitate the transferring of the dough before the scalding process.

Spray some water over, and proof in a warm oven for about 30 minutes.

6. While the dough is proofing, prepare the scalding syrup by boiling 1 tbsp of raw sugar in 400g of water.

7. When the syrup water starts to boil, carry the dough with the help of the parchment paper,

and drop into the boiling water. Scald each side for about 15 seconds.

Use a slotted spoon to transfer the scalded dough onto a baking pan lined with non-stick baking sheet.

8. Bake in a preheated oven at 210°C for 15 to 18 minutes or till the bagels turned golden.

9. Let the bagels cool down slightly before enjoying 😋

Recipe adapted from Carol 自在生活:原味贝果 with appreciation :)

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