Saturday 8 July 2017

Steamed Coconut Layered Cake (Low Fat) 低脂九层糕

My family preferred my homemade steamed coconut layered cake as it has less fat, less sugar, and less food colourings as compared to those stall-bought ones. I chose to make the cake small so there won't be over-eating. Although I made a healthier version of the popular nonya kueh, commonly known as 9-layered cake, it is still better to eat in moderation 😋

The joy of eating this layered cake is to peel it, and eat it layer by layer, if you have the time and patience ⌛ Of course, you can gobble it down in just two bites 😯 
As the pictures were taken in the late evening, the warm lighting of my kitchen has tinted the cake to a more yellowish tone 😬


90g rice flour 粘米粉
60g tapioca flour 木薯粉

200g water 水
1 pandan leaf 香兰叶
60g fine sugar 细砂糖
1/8 tps salt 盐

200g trim coconut milk 低脂椰奶

Some food colourings 食用色素


1. Line a 14cm round cake pan with parchment paper at the base, and coat the side with vegetable oil.

2. Heat water, pandan leaf, fine sugar and salt in a pot till the sugar dissolves. Need not bring to a boil.

3. Mix rice flour and tapioca flour in a heat resistant mixing bowl. Pour coconut milk slowly into the flour mixture and mix into a smooth paste.

4. Pour hot sugar water from (2) into the coconut-flour batter.  Stir to mix well.

5. Run the batter though a sift to get a smooth batter. Take note of the weight of the batter in order to calculate the batter weight of each layer later.

6. The calculation part:
     Total batter weight: 580g
     Allowance given : -10g
    Batter weight to divide: 570g
    Weight for each layer: 570g /9 = 63g (round up)

7. Pour 63g of batter in a small cup, add your desired colour, and stir well. Try not to stir up a lot of bubbles in the batter.

8. Heat up some water in a pot till boiling. Place a steamer stand in it.

8. Pour in the first layer of batter, and steam for about 5 minutes at medium heat.

The batter will appear darker in colour, glossy and a bit translucent when it is done.

Pour in the second layer only when the first layer is firm on the surface.

Repeat the process till the batter has finished.
I added a slightly more intense colour for the final layer.

Steam the final layer for about 12 to 15 minutes.

9. Let the cake cool down before inverting it out.

10. Cut the cake after it has completely cool down. Press a chopper down the cake slowly in order to get a smooth clean edge 😀

Enjoy 😋💖


  1. Hi hi, may I check with you can I use Bake King brand colouring instead of Wilton?

  2. Can we put the leftover in the fridge? and for how long?

    1. Hi Mila, yes, you have to keep the leftover cake in the fridge. Give the cake a light steam and cool down before serving. The cake cannot return to its original softness without steaming :)


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