Monday 7 December 2015

Honey Sour Cream Cupcakes

Soft golden cupcake with a fine texture and milk rich aroma. By replacing 1/2 of the butter quantity by sour cream, it helped to make the cake lighter :)

Yield: 8 x 5cm diameter cupcakes

All ingredients in room temperature 
Using 55g eggs

20g fresh milk
10g condensed milk
10g honey 
20g unsalted butter
20g sour cream*

1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

2 eggs, separated 
40g fine sugar

70g top/cake flour

* sour cream can be replaced by unsalted butter.

1. Line 8 cupcake moulds with paper cupcake linings.

2. Pour fresh milk, condensed milk, honey, unsalted butter and sour cream in a heat-resistant bowl.

Place into a rice cooker and turn on the "keep warm" mode for 5 minutes. Allow the ingredients to remain in the rice cooker for about 10 minutes, or till the butter melted.
Remove from the rice cooker and let it cool down to almost room temperature.

3. After the ingredients have cooled down, pour in the vanilla extract and mix well.

4. In a clean, dry and grease-free mixing bowl, add in the egg white.
Beat the egg white till frothy, about 1/2 minutes, and gradually add in the fine sugar.

Beat at high speed till firm peak stage. Reduce the mixer speed to low towards the end.

5. Add in the egg yolks, one at a time, to the meringue.

6. Sieve in 1/3 of the flour and briefly mix using the whisks. It's okay to see streaks of flour, as the subsequent mixings will remove them.
Avoid over mixing.

Pour in 1/2 of the liquid ingredients from (3) and give a brief mixing again.

Continue with 1/3 flour -> 1/2 liquid -> 1/3 flour.

Finally, use a spatula to give a more thorough mix

7. Use a regular size cupcake batter scoop to help you proportion the batter into the individual cupcake moulds.
Lightly tap the cupcake mould to get rid of trapped bubbles.

8. Transfer to a baking tray and give a few sprays of water over the surface.

9. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degree Celsius for about 17 to 20 minutes, or till the tops turn golden.
Middle rack.

10. Remove the cupcakes from the mould immediately after leaving the oven. 
Let the cupcakes cool over a cooling rack.

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